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Banking is one of the most exciting sectors today, offering employment and career opportunities of an unbound scale.  It is an integral part of financial system which is bound to witness drastic changes in its landscape.

The banking has become much more exciting with RBI issuing fresh bank licenses and structural changes in this space shying a shade away. The demand for successful and excellent bankers will witness an unprecedented rise. Its time for you to rise to the occasion and achieve excellence in your career. Never mind in which scale you are, because Excellence is not in being where you are but in going from where you are. We at Institute of Banking Excellence aim at bringing the best in you and once you discover your best nothing can stop you from achieving success and great heights in your career. Promotion is one of the most potent measures of success in banking industry.

If you are ambitious enough to touch those heights, believe you can. But what you need is right guidance. And Institute of Banking Excellence will ensure that you get what you start for.

Internal Promotion Test:- IBEX study material explains all relevant and important aspects in easy language.  Study Material alongwith Sample Test Papers will enable you to pass through the tests with ease. Take a tour of Study Material to know more about it. Interview:- Going to interview means just being inches away from success. Do you realize that if you are able to create positive impression, your chances of success are tilted in your favour manifolds.  We bring the best guidelines for you to sail through the interview, it will enable you to know and identify the success factors like what to wear on interview, how not to get nervous and importantly how to succeed in INTERVIEW, and all the more important – the Important Questions with explained Answers.

If you have already appeared in The Promotion Test, you can send us questions and we will declare the winner and award the three entries sending us maximum question.

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The five-judge bench struck down section 57 of the Aadhaar act, which allows corporate entities or even individuals to demand an Aadhaar card in exchange for goods and services. As a result, now no school, office, or company can force anyone to reveal the unique 12-digit number. Nor is it mandatory for opening bank accounts or for mobile connections. However, the Aadhaar number must still be quoted to file income tax returns and apply for a personal account number (PAN

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CGTMSE vide its circulars dated 31.10.2018 has effected two major changes
i)The clause that credit facilities extended at rate of interest more than 14% pa. will not be eligible for Guarantee cover has been replaced. Any credit facilities extended at rate of interest not in compliance with RBI guideline will not be eligible for Guarantee cover.
ii)As per extant guidelines the Retail credit facility between Rs.10.00 lakh to Rs.100.00 lakh only was eligible for Guarantee cover. The lower limit has been removed, as of now any credit facility upto Rs.100.00 lakh extended to retail credit is now eligible for guarantee cover.

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Merchant Discount Rate

MDR charges on transactions up to Rs.2000The Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) charges on transactions up to Rs. 2,000 made through debit cards, BHIM UPI or Aadhaar-enabled payment systems (AePS) will be borne by the Government, for a period of two years with effect from 1 January, 2018. The expenses will be reimburse the same to the banks.. This is being done in order to promote digital transactions. The consumer and the merchant will not have to bear the burner of MDR as the same will be borne by the government.MDR is the fee charged by Banks from merchant for accepting payment from their customers in credit and debit cards is used

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CriSidEx: India First MSE Sentiment IndexThe SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) and ratings agency Crisil have launched CriSidEx, India’s first MSE Sentiment Index for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The index will help to indicate the current state and expected outlook on the MSME sector every quarter.CRISIL-SIDBI MSE Sentiment Index (or CriSidEx) has been developed jointly by CRISIL and SIDBI. It is a composite index based on diffusion index of 8 parameters. It measures MSE business sentiment on a scale of 0 (extremely negative) to 200 (extremely positive).The parametric feedback for the index will be captured through a survey of 1100 MSEs. CriSidEx will have 2 indices, one for ‘survey quarter’ and another for ‘next quarter’. Once trend emerges after few rounds of survey, it will provide independent time series data.

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The Union Cabinet has approved amendment to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 for classifying MSMEs from current investment in plant and machinery criteria to annual turnover criteria. The amendment aims at aligning the MSME Classification to new indirect tax regime revolving around Goods & Services Tax (GST). The MSME sector is second largest employment generating sector, 1st being agriculture. It provides 80% of jobs in industry with just 20% of investment. It contributes around 31% to nation’s GDP and 45% and 34% share of the overall exports and manufacturing output (2017 report).
What is the change: Till now, Section 7 of MSMED Act classifies MSMEs on the basis of investment for both Manufacturing and Services Units i.e. in plant and machinery for manufacturing units and investment in equipment for service enterprises. The same, with amendment now stands changes and new classification criteria to classify a unit among Micro, Small and Medium enterprise is based on Turnover as under:-
•Micro enterprise: Units with annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 5 crore.
•Small enterprise: Units with annual turnover more than Rs. 5 crore but not exceeding
Rs. 75 crore.
•Medium enterprise: It will be unit with annual turnover is more than Rs. 75 crore but does not exceed Rs. 250 crore.
The amendment empowers Central Government to vary turnover limits, provided not exceeding thrice the limits specified in Section 7 of MSMED Act by issuing notification.
Benefits: The new norms will help in overcoming uncertainties associated with classification based on investment in plant & machinery and equipment and employment. It will improve ease of doing business and provide flexibility to Government to fine-tune classification of MSMEs in response to changing economic scenario without resorting to amendment of MSMED Act
Relief for MSME Borrowers who have registered under Goods and Services Tax: In view of adversely impacted cash flows of the smaller entities on account of GST during the transition phase, which resulted in difficulties in repaying the loans to banks the RBI as a support measure has been decided that for the GST-registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which were standard as on August 31, 2017 and for which the aggregate exposure of banks and NBFCs does not exceed ₹ 250 million (i.e. Rs25 Crores) as on January 31, 2018, the amounts overdue as on September 1, 2017 and payments due between September 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018, be allowed by banks and NBFCs to be paid not later than 180 days from their original due date, without a downgrade in asset classification. (In fact these amounts which were to be repaid within 90 days have been now extended upto 180days)
Removal of Credit Caps on MSME (Services) under Priority Sector: As per latest RBI guidelines all loans to MSME sector will be treated as Priority Sector without any cap.

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“Got promoted from scale 2 to 3, with All India Rank No.1, Thanx IBEX

Amith C Shetty,
Senior Branch Manager, Vijaya Bank, Karkala, Karnatka

"Dear sir, IBEX is really a very good institute in India and is a good guider to those who want to get promotions in banking career. Your syllabus is short, concise, easy to understand and each and every point has immense knowledge. I have been promoted in PNB MMG 2 to MMG-3. Test recently conducted by IBPS on 08.05.2016.

With regards

M P Singh
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i have been promoted to scale II. thanks for guidance and material.
your interview material is ultimate. covered all topics very systematically. the two interview books helped me very lot and build my confidence. those who refer ur material need not look for any other book or guidance. thanku very much. i referred ur intitute details to my collegues and junior friends in my bank.

kasi babu
syndicate bank
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