Guidelines for Interview

The purpose of interview is to gather information about you so that it can be determined whether you are the best person for the job or not.  So from the perspective of a successful interview it is imperative that interview is structured in such a fashion that maximum relevant information is obtained from you.  From your perspective it is important that all required and relevant facts are explained to the interview board so as to make you the most desirable candidate for the position.

  • INTERVIEW- 15-25 Minutes can make or break your career.
  • The first impression you make can determine the course of your career.

Ibex brings you the secrets of success in interview.  This especially designed course for banking interview tells you

  • What to wear?
  • Which colour is liked by interview panel? (Do you know if your dress makes you stay in the mind of interview panel even for a single second more, it enhances your chances of success multiple times?)
  • What type of general questions are asked and which are the best answers?
  • What are different types of questions asked in an interview?

All such important questions which impound your mind are well answered and make you ready for this most important 20-25 minutes of your life.  It comes at cost of mere Rs.575/-.

(On combined order of Study Material and Interview Booklet there is discount of Rs.200.00)