Promotion process for each scale is different and involves different challenges and requires different level of preparation.  We at Ibex understand this very well and have designed study material for each scale differently.

Promotion Test from Scale I and II is beset with heavy competition and requires knowledge of a wide scale.  Our study material for Scale I and Scale II promotions takes care of modern day exam requirements.

Promotion from Scale III onward requires wide knowledge as well as deep understanding of banking subjects.  The study material is in complete sync with the requirements of the test.  We bring you Advances Study Material so as to imbibe the roots of knowledge in you, not just for success in exam but for excellence in your banking career.

Similarly for promotion from Clerical to Officer Promotion test, you require apart from Banking knowledge, conceptual clarity on English and General Knowledge as well. We provide relevant and aimed-at-success study material for

  1. Clerical Promotion
  2. Scale I and II promotion
  3. Scale III and IV  promotion