Scale III to IV and Scale IV to V Promotion

 Scale III to IV and Scale IV to V Promotion is beset with higher challenges.  It tests you not only on all the subjects of banking and the depth of your knowledge but also tests your decision making and problem solving abilities.  


The study material consists of 4 books.

i) General Banking

ii) Banking & Economic Concepts

iii) Current Economic and Financial Affairs and

iv) Sample Test Papers.

The Study Material is specifically meant for senior management promotion and there is special focus on Problem Solving and Decision Making in each chapter.   Each chapter discusses the problem and challenges which a senior level person in baking is likely to face.  The decision is generally based on the knowledge of the subject and statutory and other regulatory guidelines.   The chapters will first acquaint you with all the knowledge and Advanced Questions in the end of important chapters will test knowledge, decision making and problem solving abilities.

In addition, the advance reading on various important subjects for Senior Management Scales like Treasury Functions, Risk Management, Forex etc. is provided to complete your studies for your senior management promotions.

The questions in Sample Test Papers are based on previous Promotion papers conducted for Senior Management Promotions.  The level of questions will test your knowledge and banking abilities and prepare you for your next promotion with ease.

The Cost of Complete Study Kit: Rs. 2475/-  (Order now)